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The Conversion Bureau: Guardian Chronicles

Episode 4: V.A.N.G.A.R.D [Part II]

David felt the four wheel drive to a rather jerky halt, the feint smell of burning rubber against the asphalt lingered in the air. From the windows he could see the reason why, the New York Harbor was complete chaos and disarray. Both people and Ponykind were bolting down the sidewalks as fast as their legs could carry them and the young doctor could see the apparent motivation their eyes, fear.

The rambunctious cries, yell and screams echoed through the cityscape resonated with the barrage of gunfire and the tinkling of bullet shells hitting the pavement beneath them. Daniela and Wesson were the first out of the vehicle before the rest with David right behind them before making their way to the cluster of black heavy duty vehicles bearing a more advance take on the old army Hummer and trucks stationed surrounding the large warehouse before them.

"Steffan, Nikolai, evacuate the entire area. I don't wanna so much as see a single soul, human or pony within five miles of the place," Dani said, her voice stern in order.

"Esta bien," said Steffan. Nikolai merely nodded before the both of them took off.

"Hadji, get live and give me a status report pronto,"

"Okie dokie, no problem," said Hadji as he removed what appeared to be a black glossy stick from his pocket.

"Wesson, Rin, on me. Let's find out just what the heck we're dealin with here," said Dani as they approached the vehicles.

"Yes ma'am," Wesson said with a nod. Rin gave no reply as she indifferently unwrapped another one of her Popsicle sticks before proceeding to suck on it.

"Em, aren't yeou fergettin someone?" Dempsey interjected.

Dani shifted her attention to the young Scotsman. "Actually I didn't, cause I have the most important job for you,"

Dempsey merely looked on eagerly like a dog waiting for his bone. "Your job is to guard my cousin and make sure you guard him with your life," she said.

The young man could feel his ego shatter like a solid pane of glass, his eyes narrowed as he barred his teeth in aggravation. "That'z it? I ave to look aftar yer little poodle while yer go out and ave all tha fun!? I aven't seen any action fer a week na and I ave sit on tha bench again?" he snarled.

David felt his eye twitch, he was a poodle now? Suddenly Dani whipped around unexpectedly, catching Dempsey off guard as she grabbed his collar violently before slamming his back against the metal surface of one of the black trucks. Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the young Scotsman who was definitely regretting his little outburst right now.

"Now you listen and you listen good you little punk ass piece of shit, I don't give a damn if you haven't had the chance to play hero.
"Bottom line is I gave you an order and if somethin, anythin should happen to my cousin, I will find you and I will rip your freakin nuts off with my bare hands, UNDERSTAND!?" she snarled.

Dempsey eyes were wider than ever, too terrified to even speak all he could do is nod frantically. Dani scoffed before releasing him, making her way to the frontlines with Rin and Wesson right behind her.

"Pft! betch," The young man rubbed the back of his head before turning his attention to David. "Yeou, I like my balls where they are so I'm not lettin yeou outta my sight, nao walk," he said.

David nodded nervously before following suit. The deafening sounds of gunfire grew louder as they approached the front line. There were several dozen men, all draped in Kevlar, helmets and riot gear taking cover behind the trucks as they showered the warehouse with an endless hail of bullets and grenades.

"Eat shit and kill yourselves you pony lovin fags!"

They were being retaliated by a group of men taking cover behind the solid metal doors, returning fire with everything they have. The young doctor had to stick his fingers into his ear canals in a desperate bid to ease the blustering explosions bombarding his eardrums and thanking his lucky stars they were behind a well protected barricade.

"Took you long enough!" said a rather familiar voice. His eyes widened for a brief moment, his gaze shifting to the old man who was speaking to Dani.

He was large, standing close to seven feet tall and surprisingly well built for a man his age. Bearing the traits of a hardened soldier, the man was draped in a full out riot gear which appeared abraded and weary with the passing of time. The solid plate bore scars, traces of blade marks even claws worn proudly like the mementos of a warrior's past. The letters 'H.A.V.O.K' etched on his shoulder plate was barely visible.

"I'll make it up to you later, what've we got? HLF?" she asked.

The old soldier grunted. "You got that right. Two, maybe three dozen of em holed up in there. They're pissed as shit and packin a whole lot of heat, I've got more H.A.V.O.K units on the way," he said.

"Any signs of Z.O.H.A.R weapons?" Dani asked, her eyes narrowed as she gazed at the entrance of the warehouse.

"Negative on that so far. Sides, do you think we'd all still be standing here in one piece if they had any? But even so, I ain't takin any chances," he said.

"Good call and don't you worry. If they come on out strange guns ablazin, we'll take them down," she said.

"And that ain't all, there's somethin else you gotta know. Probably the real reason why I called you guys down here,"

"Somethin else? You don't mean-" Dani said, pausing as her eyes widened realizing the horrible truth.  The old man merely nodded.


The warehouse was being riddled by storms of flying led ripping through the metallic walls as if they were paper. The cries of the injured and the screams of the dying echoed throughout the building and the stench of scorched blasting gel and burning flesh choked the air with pure putridness, threatening to empty the contents of his stomach. The young man's breaths were quick and frantic and his eyes wide with terror. He gripped his G36 rifle, hugging it tightly enough to his chest that even the Devil could not wrench it away from him.

Suddenly, he felt something grab him by his shoulder. His eyes widened, he gasped. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!!" he yelled, flailing his arms as he pushed away whatever that grabbed him, hearing the figure slam into a couple of wooden boxes as he jumped to his feet, rifle pointed with his finger held dangerously close to the trigger.

"WHOA! WHOA! What're you CRAZY!? It's ME!" cried the person, in his early twenties with his hands held up frantically in the air.

"Donald? Shit man! What the heck were you thinking!?" the young man yelled, putting down his rifle.

"It's over man! It's over! Nortan's dead and the Bureau have got the place surrounded. We gotta get out of here, this has gone too far!" Donald yelled as he grabbed his friend's shoulders.

"Wait? Nortan's dead!? But we can't go out there! We'll be dead if we did!" the young man retaliated.

"WE'LL BE DEAD IF WE STAY IN HERE! Listen man, I don't wanna die! I'm supposed to graduate Harvard next year! I don't wanna die!"he cried as he shook the young man, the fear in his eyes scared even that of the young man as he felt the vice-like grip began to bite into his shoulder.

"Hey man! You're hurting me man! Quit it!" he cried, his teeth clenching from the mounting pain.


All he heard was a brief zip and the sickening sounds of both flesh and bone being ripped upon impact as the young man felt something warm splatter all over his face. Donald's eyes were deep and empty, completely devoid of life as his body tumbled limply to the ground, never to breathe again.

The young man's eyes widened, his fingers trembled as he reached for his face, feeling the thick liquid smeared over his cheeks before allowing himself to lay eyes on whatever was clinging to his hand. He gasped, his body petrified from sight of the crimson liquid of life.

He shifted his gaze to that of his friend, now laying in a growing pool of blood, a large portion of his head and what was left of his brain had been splattered all over the floor. He wanted to scream, scream…

"Ah, ah, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" his lungs burned as he took off running. He needed to get out of there, he had to, he did not care who he had to shoot or kill, he just wanted out.

His eyes searched frantically for a way out but to no avail, the side doors, the windows, the ducts. There was no fathomable way out; they had snipers covering the roof, soldiers on the front, back, even the side entrances. Who was he kidding? As long as the others refused to surrender, they will not stop, they will not stop until each and every one of them lay dead like road kill upon the highway.

"No, no, NO! I AIN'T GONNA DIE HERE!" he snarled as he raced to the back of the warehouse.

He remembered, there was a room back there and something inside of it may just be his saving grace. He navigated through the maze of wooden crates, through the mangled remains and led riddled corpses of his fallen comrades. His heart raced, his body drenched in sweat as he felt the adrenaline coursed through his body.

He soon caught sight of the blood red door that led to the room, with a grunt of effort he dashed forward. Then, as if an angel had whispered in his ear, he caught the sounds of gun being cocked.

"OH SHIT!" he cried as he dove to the floor, his chest hitting the solid cement floor as hails upon hails bullets went sailing overhead.

He flung his hands over his head, his cry drowned by the screams sounds of those poor unfortunate souls standing in the bullet's direct path. His heart raced as he started to hyperventilate, using all his strength, he dug his elbows into the ground as he crawled his way out from under the wall of fire and led. Once out of harm's way, he stumbled to his feet before making a frantic last effort dash to the door. He panted, grabbing hold of the door knob only to discover it was locked.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! AAAAAHHH!" he yelled as he started hammering the knob with the butt of his rifle like a man possessed. "O-P-E-N COME ON! COME ON!" Once, twice, the knob began to twist, the wood started to splinter but even then the door refused to budge.

The young man had finally lost all sense and reasoning as he cocked his rifle. Not even considering taking aim, he emptied the entire clip into the door.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He could feel the rifle vibrating in his arms, his finger squeezing hard on the trigger as the bullets reduced the door into mere splinters of broken wood however he heard nothing but empty clicks of the firing pin.

Hastily removing the sling from his body, he tossed the gun aside before kicking the door down. He entered the room immediately ransacking anything he could get his hands on. He pulled apart the filing cabinets, ripped out the drawers, tore the paintings off the walls. Where was it? Where was it!? He knew it was in here somewhere. He saw that strange man in here with their leader Norton merely the day before now where could it be!?


He found it, this was it! A large desperate grin grew on his face before removing the black case barely the size of a lunch box from one of the drawers. Placing it carefully on the work desk his fingers stumbled while he tried to open it. However when he did, he felt a cold uneasy shiver run down his spine the moment he laid eyes on two glass syringes. What were these things? What do they do?

The young man took one in his hand as he brought it closer to his face for a closer look. Both were six inches long and encased in chrome, his eyes narrowed suspiciously at the green fluid within them. The young man swallowed hard, knowing that everything inside of him was completely and utterly against it. Maybe this was a bad idea to begin with. Maybe if he surrendered he might be spared. Yes, they will listen to reason, they were not murderers, they will spare those willing to surrender he was sure of it.

"AAAH!" he yelled, just as a bullet shot right through the wall and straight into the filing cabinet. Immediately he dropped to the floor, his right hand tapping deliriously over the surface of the table before grabbing the other syringe. Almost without warning, the entire room was filled with bullets, riddling the walls with hundreds of bullet holes and metal walls did almost nothing to top it. He yelled, clutching the syringes tightly in his hands. How did it turn out this way? Where did he go wrong? He just wanted it to stop… he just wanted it all to stop.

He gritted his teeth, feeling the tears pour from his eyes. He felt numb, his ears deafened by the hails of gunfire, his lungs burned with the stench of death and destruction. Was this the end? He did not want to die, not like this, not like Donald, not like some nameless stray in a New York alley. Not like this…

"NOT LIKE THIS!" he yelled at the top of his voice before shoving both syringes into his neck. He screamed through gritted teeth the moment the needles pierced his skin, a burning sensation coursing through his body as the green fluid flowed into his veins. He could feel it; he could feel it inside of him, moving through ever part of him, his skin, and his muscles like something was alive inside of him. He felt sick enough to lose his grip on the syringes as he dropped them to the floor. It lasted for a couple of seconds then suddenly, just like that it disappeared.

His breaths grew heavy as he stumbled to his feet while desperately trying to retain his balance. His body felt numb for there was no sensation, his fingers felt devoid of feeling even the stench that once lingered in the air. Was something suppose to happen? Was he supposed to feel any different? Then suddenly…

"AAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!" the young man screamed. His entire body erupted in unspeakable pain like nothing he has ever felt before. He screamed again and again, his lungs burned, his throat felt as if it would rip itself apart. He felt his skin crawling and his muscles tense. His eyes widened in absolute shock and panic, it was as if he was being torn apart from the inside out.

What was happening to him? Why was this happening? "AAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!" He was forced to his knees, his thoughts were in shambles, everything made blurry by the pain. It was then he realized, his hands, they were growing, no, they were morphing into something. "NO! NO! NO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! NO AAAAAAAARRRGGGHH!!" His eyes widened in disbelieve but there was nothing he could do, through the pain he felt every inch of him, changing. Into what, he will never know.


His screams grew deeper.


"Jerry?" David muttered.

The old man shifted his gaze to the young doctor as he gave him a rather cocky smile. "Ehya squirt, long time no see," he said.

David felt a large smile grow on his face. "My God, where have you been? I haven't seen you since…"

He paused, unable to finish the sentence. The old man patted him on his shoulder "I've been around. Been trying to get back in fishin but it just ain't the same without ole Nathan.
That man was tougher than a sack of nails and yet he had the patience of Buddha, somethin I ain't got," he said.

"But, how? How did you end up-"

"Here? Bad luck for starters! There I was strapped broke and mindin my own business when that Latino asshole Miguel came knockin on my door. He offered me a sweet gig and one thing led to another,"

David chuckled at his words. Jeremiah Burns, Jerry for short, it felt like an eternity since he last spoke to the old soldier. Like brothers in arms, he served alongside David's grandfather in the Marines back in the day and has seen action from deserts of Afghanistan, Serbia, to the jungles of Congo and even frozen tundra of Siberia.

After an honorable discharge from the army, he decided to spend his retirement by renting a spot on his grandfather's old vineyard down in Cali. There never was a dull day with the old man and he certainly loved the outdoors, recalling one of the many annual, mostly impromptu camping trips. Jerry had taught him almost everything about survival much to the young doctor's reluctance. Back when he was a child he had always thought that things would never change, blessed memories of joy and laughter. To him, that old vineyard was more than just a family, it was a home and it was their home. That is, until that day.

He shrugged. It came to no surprise that Jerry was probably the one who took his grandfather's passing the hardest. After the funeral the old man packed his bags, fired up his big black Harley and rode off into the sunset engines ablaze and never once did he stop to look back.

"You know, when I saw you through that there hologram, for a moment I thought I was dreamin. You in V.A.N.G.A.R.D?" said Jerry with a laugh.

"Oh ha ha, what's the matter? Is it wrong for me to consider a career change?" David sulked as he crossed his arms.

"You misunderstand Davy ole boy. I'm not sayin it's bad, just that… ole Nathan would have been proud," he said with a smile.

David smiled in return, however before he could continue he was cut off by the cries of a soldier.

"Captain! Captain Burns!" One of H.A.V.O.K's soldiers ran in their direction, coming to a halt before saluting.

The old man turned to face him. "Status report!"

"Yes sir! We have them on the run sir, they're outnumbered, outgunned and running low on ammo. Sides, with their leader neutralized they're fighting blind.
"We also have eyes on every possible escape route. Those bastards aren't going anywhere," he said.

"Bout damned time," he said, teeth barred. "Let's call it in for Christmas and wrap this up soldier,"

"Sir, yes sir!" the trooper replied as he turned to leave.

"Seriously, I'm gettin too old for this shit," Jerry ran his hand down his face before shifting his attention to the young doctor. "We'll have plenty of time to catch up later squirt. Now if you'll excuse me, I've to go do some negotiatin" the old soldier said, giving David a gentle pat on the shoulder.

"CEASE FIRE!" he cried.  Almost instantly, the gunfire came to an abrupt halt. It was quiet, nothing but the hissing of gun barrels and the occasional tinkles of bullet shells hitting the asphalt below.

Wesson's eyes narrowed "Ah don't know bout you but I have a bad feelin bout this," he said as Dani nodded in agreement.

"Yeou always ave a bad feelin. Sides, nothin ta warrey aboot, we ave em yellow bastards runnin skared. Well, looks like we're done, time to go ome," Dempsey said as he turned around to leave.

Jerry approached the front line but not before grabbing a loudspeaker from one of the black trucks on the way. A loud high pitched screech broke the silence, his eyes glaring dangerously at the warehouse as he lifted the speaker to his face.

"I know you're in there you punk ass sons of bitches! Now I don't wanna tell you this but apparently I'm 'contractually obligated'.
"We've the area surrounded and there ain't no way you're gettin out without a bullet in yer ass so don't even try! Now throw down yer weapons and come on out with your hands behind your heads and I swear you will not be harmed" he said.

"Go suck on a pony's dick you old fart!" A young man yelled from behind the bullet ridden barricade.

His eye twitched, that definitely struck a nerve. Jerry could feel his hands tremble in pure rage, desperately trying to keep his composure.

"Alright wise ass, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Frankly I don't give a shit cause I'd rather just ship you back home in body bags and deal with the paperwork later.
Now you assholes can either come on out and surrender, or I'm gonna come marchin right on in there, and if I have to do that, I'm bringin the wrath of God with me! You hear that you piece of asswipe!"

David felt his eye twitch, completely and utterly astounded by the amount of callowness in the air. Was this his idea of negotiation? Then again as memory serves, Jerry was never the subtle type.

"So you can have us turn into those FREAKS!? Screw you!"

"I'm gettin mighty impatient you-"

Then without warning, the young man came from behind the barricade, cocking his AK-47 held firmly in his hands before taking aim at the old captain. Almost immediately the entire squad took aim in retaliation, their fingers firmly on the trigger.

"Hold your fire!" he commanded. "Put the gun down son or I swear it ain't gonna end pretty for you," he said, his eyes narrowing dangerously in the direction at the young man.

"SHUT UP! YOU SHUT THE HELL UP! I ain't gonna be no freakin Pony!" he yelled.

"Ponification's a choice, not an obligation. We all have our choices son but from where I'm standin right now you obviously chose wrong. Now stand down!"

The young man forced a dry laugh, again and again, tears were pouring from his eyes and down his dirt stained cheeks. "You don't get it do you? I've got nothing left to lose. My family, my friends, MY LIFE! They're all gone, all because of those THINGS!" he spat
David allowed his eyes to close for a moment as he pushed the thin frame of his glasses further up the bridge of his nose before allowing eyes to rest on the young man in the distance.

"I had everything! I HAD EVERYTHING! I was HAPPY! So you know what, if you're going to shoot me, SHOOT ME! Cause I'd rather di-"

Then all of a sudden, something long and metallic launched itself in the direction of the young man from within the warehouse. He could feel his heart stop for an instant the moment he caught something glittering at the corner of his eye but he was a moment too late. The malicious chains had swung itself around his body, dropping his rifle as it wrapped itself violently and tightly around him.

"ARRRRRRRGH!"  he screamed, feeling barbed spikes that adorned each and every link slicing mercilessly into his flesh, growing tighter and tighter with every intention of ripping him to shreds.

The hardened soldier felt his blood gone cold. "Mary mother of God…"

"He…help me...." he pleaded, the look of pure terror reflected in his eyes just as he was pulled to the ground and dragged savagely along the asphalt back into the warehouse.


The scream made Dempsey stop in his tracks, turning around just in time to catch the young man disappear behind the warehouse door. No sooner than that, all Hell broke loose as the building erupted in a hail of gunfire and the terrified screams of the people inside, drowned by the blood curdling bellows of something monstrous. They could hear something moving in there, the sounds of crates being smashed and thrown against the metal walls, denting them with an inhuman force.


"I am not liking the sound of that," said Hadji

Dani gritted her teeth, reaching into her pocket before removing her communicator. A hologram was projected the moment she had it activated.

"Qué pasa mi amor? You know I never get tired of hearing your beautiful voice," he said.

"STEFAN! NIKOLAI! Is the area secured!?"
"Aiee! easy mi amor, I have sensitive ears. The area is secured. H.A.V.O.K's air and ground units are keeping the news choppers at bay. Right now we're in the midst of evacuating but I am sure the policia can handle things from here," said Stefan.

"I'm afraid this shit just got real, we may have a possible Code Red on our hands," said Dani.

David noticed a look of panic streak across Stefan's face at the mention of the words 'Code Red'. "Santa Maria… esta bien, you watch yourself out there. Stefan out," The hologram then dissipated.

The young doctor shifted his attention to his cousin "Dani, care to explain what is 'Code Red'?"

"David, I really don't have the time for this right now. We have a situation-,"

"And I want to know what the Hell it is! I saw the look in his eyes, what the Hell is going on?!"

"Hadji, where's my freaking status report!?" she snarled, trying to push her cousin out of the picture much to his irritation.

"Sori! I'll get right on it" said Hadji. Gripping the black stick in his hand, he tossed it into the air. "Acknowledge, Hadji Singh. Engage S.A.T.Y.R Protocol," he said.

"Voice recognition approved. Acknowledged, S.A.T.Y.R Protocol engaging," replied a feminine cybernetic voice.

The black device began unfolding itself, splitting into several smaller stick like figures as it spread itself before the young boy. Three thin neon blue screens began materializing, two smaller ones at the side next to the largest one in the middle.

Hadji's eyes narrowed, studying astonishing amount of data being streamed across the screen at an astronomical speed. David's eyes widened, it was an S.A.T.Y.R super computer and all this time he had dismissed their existence as mere hogwash and rumors.

"Give it to me straight, what're we dealin with?" Dani asked.

"This is remarkable, the biometrics are completely off the scale. The genetic codes are reproducing at such an alarming rate it is almost truly fascinating-," he replied as he typed on the holographic keyboard.

"Ah sorry!" Hadji cried. "It is unlike anything I have ever seen, the Xenonite count truly is monumental,"

That word immediately hit the young doctor like a brick to the head, his eyes widened and without warning he darted in the direction of the young Indian boy and grabbed him violently by the collar of his shirt.

"Did you just say Xenonite!? Why the Hell do you know about Xenonites!? ANSWER ME!" he snarled at the young boy who was completely petrified in fear.

"What the!? David let him go now!" Dani ordered.



Everyone shifted their attention to the direction of the warehouse as it erupted in a blare of flames. The entire front end of the main entrance had been reduced to nothing more than mere scrap metal while a cloud of dust and debris lingered in the air.

At that very moment, David felt a tremor beneath his feet. One, two, three, was it an earthquake? No, they felt more like footsteps, whatever it was it must have been colossal.

"Er, Dani? What's going on?" David said alarmed.

The young lady scoffed but she knew what she had to do. "Captain, order your men back. We'll take it from here," she said.

The old man nodded. "Roger that, good luck Dani and for Christ sakes don't do anythin stupid," he said. "Alright you maggots, you heard her, MOVE!" he cried. Holstering their weapons, the H.A.V.O.K team began retreating to a safer distance.

"Wesson, Rin, on me. Dempsey, eyes on David," She said as she made her way in the direction of the warehouse.

"Yes ma'am," Wesson gently pushed down on his Stetson, shrouding his eyes in the shadow of his hat before tailing behind his captain with Rin by his side.

"Aye, give em Hell capt," said Dempsey.

"Hey, Dani, Dani wait-!" David said, however he felt young Scotsman grab him by his shoulder.

"Old on to yer kilt lad, put them worries outta yer head. When it komes down ter this, no wan does it better than yer cousin. So sit bak and enjoy da show, yer might just lern somethin," he said with a smirk.

"I do not usually agree with Dempsey but he is indeed right," said Hadji.

David gritted his teeth uneasily for he remained unconvinced by their words of assurance. Coming to about ten feet from the main entrance, Dani, Wesson and Rin came to a stop, her hardened gaze lay fixed on the abominable shadow before them. The footsteps grew louder as it drew closer and closer in their direction.

She could hear those ominous chains rattle along with the sounds of something large and heavy being dragged across the floor. The snarls, grows and grisly wheezing accompanied by the mechanic clockwork-like clicks of gears and wheels echoed throughout the metallic walls would strike fear even in the bravest of souls.

Then, the dust cloud was suddenly dispersed in violent gust and what was standing before them struck the young doctor down with a shock like no other. His eyes widened, his mouth lay agape at the hideous abomination before him.

It bore human-like features while it towered over all of them at approximately twenty feet tall with massive muscles three times the regular norm. A series of moving mechanical gears, gyros and parts protruded from its flesh. It was almost as if someone had ripped the very flesh off human body then crudely stitched it over a car engine.

David felt sickened as he contemplated the possibility they might had emerged from the inside of its body. A pair of chains hung from the holes in the palms of its metallic claw-like hands, the one on the right was attached to what appears to be an oversized flail as malicious as the creature itself. If it were human before, that time has definitely come to pass.

"WHAT…THE HELL…IS THAT!?" David cried.

The creature bellowed through its fangs made of twisted alloy, salivating savagely from the cracks in between the metal. Sinister blood red eyes gazing ominously at the three youngsters that stood so valiantly before it. Like nails to a chalkboard, it scraped its blood soaked metallic claws together slow enough to make Hadji clench his teeth.

"Tch!" Dani glared viciously at the creature. "Alright guys…"

(To Be Continued…)
Episode 4 is here! Time to meet the team. I had to split the story into two parts because Devart has a maximum space for all prose updates.

Read Part I Here: [link]

Link to Google Docs Here: [link]
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